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What To Expect

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Sports Performance

From screening to training, get a feel for what to expect from your appointment.

Whether you are interested in 1-on-1 or small group, before beginning a golf fitness training regime, a thorough TPI movement screen & evaluation is required. We will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, then custom-tailor an individualized fitness training program that addresses your greatest limitations that are preventing you from getting to the next level. This crucial step helps us target the problem areas to render the most efficient and effective intervention, which paves the path to exceeding your performance goals.

Everyone receives a thorough consultation, evaluation & assessment.

Chiropractic/Manual Therapy Services

Every new patient for chiropractic/manual therapy services with Dr. Erik Barazau administers a thorough initial evaluation and science-based assessment to understand fully the person and their body’s root issue. Your treatments will consist of chiropractic, manual therapy, corrective exercise application and lifestyle advice that will pursue a long-term solution to living pain-free. Most will experience resolution in about 4-6 visits, and we will never sell you on extensive rehabilitation or wellness programs – only applications you truly need to achieve results as quickly as possible.

You have the right to access cutting-edge, accurate and evidence-based health & fitness information that empowers you to feel better, move better and live better. You deserve a solution.

Let us help you go from PAIN to PERFORMANCE to get back to what you love doing most!