From pain to performance, we are your health, wellness and sports performance solution. Let us help you maintain a healthy momentum!
OmniKinetics is your comprehensive health, wellness and sports performance solution for the active individual. We provide physical and measurable solutions to functional performance readiness anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re a recreational athlete, have aspirations to go pro, or simply enjoy a few rounds of golf a year, OmniKinetics will help you feel better, move better and perform better! We utilize principle-based, human movement methods to identify and treat the root cause of your pain, physical limitations and frustrations. We apply treatments, therapies and training programs that are custom-tailored to the individual based upon the findings of a thorough screening and evaluation process, without the use of drugs, surgery, or expensive equipment. From pain to performance, we are your health, fitness and performance solution.


We Offer
Restorative Movement Therapy

Move better, feel better, perform better.

Movement Screening and Assessments

Identify your limiting factor - the weakest link.

Soft Tissue & Manual Therapy

Bodywork to jumpstart your recovery to full, pain-free function.

Sports Performance

Improve function and resilience to score better while reducing risk of serious injury.

Off-Site Services

Our services at your front door.

Video Content

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  • "Thanks to OmniKinetics, I was able to stay loose and pain free during my 2015 PGA Championship week."

    Brian Cairns, PGA Professional & 3-time PGA Championship Contender
  • "Hi Graham... I Just wanted to give you an update on my progress. I was recently in Savannah for a few days to work on my game. After doing some work on Trackman I realized a gain of nearly 4 MPH of club head speed from my previous session back in the fall. That may not sound like much but translates to about 12-15 yards given proper impact conditions. Thanks again for all your help!!!"

    Brian Moore, PGA Professional
  • "Since I started working with Graham my body has just stopped hurting. My range of motion has increased and my golf game has become better, more consistent and I can play more often and have the strength to finish my rounds strong."

    Jeff Smith, Oakland Hills CC
  • "Several years ago I was to the point where the pain in my knees was affecting my enjoyment of the game of golf. It was then that I was introduced to Graham Polakoff. I have always been into fitness, but Graham opened my eyes to an entirely different way to work out. His methods strengthened my knees and lower back to the point where I can now walk the golf course, run 10K races and do things physically that I had stopped doing. His training methods and knowledge have helped me get into the best physical condition I have ever been in and I am over 60 years of age."

    Frank Guastella, PGA Professional
  • "OmniKinetics has opened doors for me as an athlete. Graham's love for what he does shows through his work. With an open mind and vast knowledge of how the body works, injuries seem to wash away faster than you would expect. After weeks of wrist pain that other athletic trainers said was due to a tightness in the hand, Graham spent 15 minutes on my forearm and shoulder. Voila! No more pain. His ability to actually look away from where my pain was and discover the source of pain was amazing. I can't thank him enough for getting me back swinging a golf club pain free."

    Eddie Nepi, Northwood University Men's Golf

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