Tri-Covery was founded on a vision to deliver massage and stretch therapies on a higher level of effectiveness than what is available through other facilities.

Therapists at Tri-Covery hold multiple certifications in specialties not typically offered by the average massage therapist. The Tri-Covery difference begins with an individualized discovery process to determine your needs and develop a custom treatment plan that will help you reach your goals for healing and fitness. Everyone can benefit from our therapies. Our clients include soccer moms and soccer players; weekend golfers and professional athletes. We treat pulled hamstrings and post-physical therapy hip replacements. Come find out why our client list continues to grow.

Train for sport based upon a bio-mechanically sound functional movement blueprint to improve your numbers while minimizing risk of injury.

Modern, cutting-edge & evidence-based manual therapies to get you back in the game, faster, without the use of drugs, surgery, or expensive equipment.

Target physical limitations and provide behavioral modifications, achieving a long-term solution to ‘why’ you may not be functioning at your peak.