Certified Athletic Trainer, TPI Certified Medical Professional

OmniKinetics’s Managing Partner, Graham has spent over 15 years in the field of Sports Medicine, working with all ages including professionals in the NBA, U.S.A. Track & Field Olympians and PGA Teaching Pros.

Graham received his master’s degree from Michigan State University, working alongside many of the preeminent Doctors and Athletic Trainers in the country.

While furthering his education through the Titleist Performance Institute and studying from some of the world’s most respected therapists, Graham has refined a holistic approach in restorative movement therapy.

By utilizing the golf swing as a template of efficiency, power and beauty, Graham will help you establish a solid functional movement foundation, assist you in feeling your best and help you maintain a healthy momentum.

Train for sport based upon a bio-mechanically sound functional movement blueprint to improve your numbers while minimizing risk of injury.

Modern, cutting-edge & evidence-based manual therapies to get you back in the game, faster, without the use of drugs, surgery, or expensive equipment.

Target physical limitations and provide behavioral modifications, achieving a long-term solution to ‘why’ you may not be functioning at your peak.