AC ADI was so graciously invited to be a treating physician for the, “Arnold Midwest Affiliate Gathering,” (Bascially, Crossfit without being able to use the name) and the, “Weightlifing Championships,” at the 2014 Arnold Classic held in Columbus, OH.

Working with CrossFit athletes, more now than ever, it was a no-brainer that I needed to be at this event! However, my wife was 5 days from her due date, so I was lucky it close to us not only in our lovely neighbooring state of Ohio, but in a Michigander sports fan’s favorite city: Columbus.

AC RJ ResistI was honored and humbled to be working with so many like-minded docs from the midwest that are the authority in field of conservative sports therapy and pain management in their respective location.

We had a blast treating so many great athletes and competitors as well as enjoying each others company, sharing stories and experiences, at brewery social with some of the athletes, organizers and volunteers.

AC Sweet JerkTo my surprise, there’s a lot more to the Ahhhhhnold than meat-heads, spray-tans and protein farts (not that there’s anything wrong with that) — multi-sport competitions filled the convention center and fairgrounds. There was everything from gymnastics, fencing, martial arts and ping pong…yes, PING PONG! Nothing says Arnold Shwsdfasdfdfsdfzanegger like table tennis, right? These guys were pretty badass, however.

My favorite part of the trip was treating and cheering on team, “Some Assembly Required.” The team was composed of athletes that either lost a limb(s) or were born without full physical capacity, requiring the use of prostetic or device for assitance in some fraction of their everyday lives. They were quite the inspiration and fun to watch perform. The dude to the right has the best attitude and was full of life. Not only does he have a better ollie than I do, but he also dominates on the rig.AC AHHNOLDAC Skateboard

I thoroughly enjoyed my first Arnold Experience and hope that I did well enough to be invited back next year!AC Brew Team